Sunday, June 23, 2013

World's Fair 1962

1962 was the year of the Seattle World's Fair.  The Fair was known as Century 21, and would have a theme of looking to the future.
The World's Fair was about three hours away from Othello.  The Fair continued from April to October.  We visited the fair.  My older siblings could not remember what time of year, but very likely after the harvest or late Fall.  However the fair was felt in Othello before we attended.  There was a general clean-up of the community.  The Othello Outlook including several articles about how to behave during the Fair, as the tourist traffic would be heavy through Othello. 
March 15  Get Ready for C-21.  "How do you foster civic pride?  Do you beg and plead, do you embarrass and shame or is law enforcement the answer?  City clean-up has been in the past as it is now, a problem that can’t be solved without the whole-hearted co-operation of the entire community…."

May 3 p 2  A Smile Worth One Million
"Othello is already a very friendly town so it probably isn’t necessary to remind our people that there will be many tourists through our community during the time of the world’s fair and that we should be nice to them.
But instead of being our regular nice selves we should put on a little extra charm and join all Washington with a smile to the tourist.  Be nice to the big spenders form the East and maybe they will return next year." 

There were also articles about the entertainment at the fair.
June 21 p 7  Kids Bonus at Century 21
"The exciting Paris Spectacular wax museum at the Seattle World’s Fair today announced a special vacation bonus for children. 
Each Monday through Thursday, children 12 and under will be admitted free between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. when accompanied by a paying adult... I want children to see this show—and the new bonus should attract them during the daytime when we have extra capacity,” Walter said.
Youngest Hawaiian Entertains At Fair
"Hawaii’s youngest entertainer 6-year-old Eleu, will play a special engagement at the Hawaii Pavilion on the grounds of the Seattle World’s Fair starting Monday."
There was also an alarming article about the Space Needle.
August 16 p 4  Othello Man Trapped In Space Needle
"Eddie Benson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Benson of Othello was one of twenty-eight persons trapped in the elevator of the Space Needle at the Century 21 Worlds’ Fair in Seattle when it stopped Sunday, August 12 for one hour and twenty minutes."
We as a family traveled to the top of the Space Needle.  We took the elevator to the top, where there was a restaurant which rotated giving diners a view of the entire city as they ate.  Above the restaurant was a platform and look out.  It was mostly enclosed in glass, but you could go out of the glass where you were protected by a rail.  The Space Needle gave me nightmares for a long time.  I could see my self falling though the rail, and often had that falling nightmare.  I remember my Dad saying you could see Canada.  However, I checked on Wikipedia, and you cannot see Canada from the Space Needle.  You can see other parts of Washington across the Sound. 
We saw exhibits of the future.  Connie says there was exhibit of a microwave, which did come to pass, but also a gyrocoptor transportation up and down, which hasn't happened yet. 
Sara remembers a ferry trip across the Sound, but isn't sure if it was this trip or some other.
Connie remembers the purchase of the painting in Mom's place at the Fair.  We watched the guy finish the painting.  However Sara says it was a County Fair in Moses Lake.  The picture was not quite dry, and she touched it.  This lead to a smear.  Dad had to take it back, and two rocks were added in the foreground to cover the smear.

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