Friday, January 10, 2014

My Poetry: Mom's Grand Kids

I wrote this poem for a Valentine's Day card for my mother.  It must have been written 17 years ago, counting the number of grandchildren, 27.  There are 30 now, so this does not include Heather who is 16.  Also Anna and Tony make up the 30.  My best count is 25 great grand kids.

Mom's Grand Kids

Moms grand kids are twenty-seven
If you count Billy Boy in heaven.
Sara has six, Connie three, Weldon four,
Billy seven, Charlie four, Dianna three; any more?

Twenty-seven grand kids will there be another?
We're not announcing; but per chance is a brother?
Or maybe a sister has a baby in the oven,
Or adoption, when he/she gets here we'll love em.

But wait, twenty-seven grand kids quite a posterity.
One is bound to be great, wait and see.
Soccer, baseball, dance, brains, leadership; what talents?
Potential now, but multiplying, developing in balance.

Great grand kids are three.
I wonder how many there will be.

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