Sunday, January 26, 2014

Poetry I Like: A Glad Heart: Some Folks by Ida R, Aldredge

This is from my Mother's Primary Book.  This is a look at people with different attitudes.

Some People

There were two people in our town
As different as could be.
The one was happy, cheerful, gay.
The next a pessimist was he.

One grumbled when the sun would shine
He grumbled at the rain,
No matter what the weather was,
He grumbled just the same.

He found fault with his neighbors, too.
It really was a shame--
No matter how they tried to please
He found fault just the same.

He grumbled till he had no friends
Folks didn't like to meet him
He made the day so dark and dreer
They hadn't heart to greet him.

The other one was full of fun.
He always wore a smile
In order to be with him oft'
Folks traveled many a mile.

The weather always suited him.
He never borrowed trouble,
He filled the darkest day with cheer,
Folks; pleasure he made double.

Just so we find them everywhere.
The cheerful ones and blue.
Now stop and think a little while--
Which kind, my friend, are you?

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