Saturday, April 12, 2014

Aunt Carol, Kittens, Snakes, Charity and Poop

At Aunt Carol's memorial they mentioned her love for animals; especially snakes and cats.  We found this to be true in a sort of funny way.  After we moved to San Jose, it seems we had a dinner with the Haws family about yearly.  This usually took place around Easter.  We would run into them at stake conference and say like, "It's been too long since we spent time together" and then make plans for a visit.
The first time we went to Aunt Carol's and Uncle Von's they had baby kitties.  The kids adored them.  Aunt Carol warned them they weren't potty trained, but all the same the kids held them and cuddled them and help them until the inevitable  happened. We had children with cat poop and dirty clothes.  
Forrest, Aunt Carol, Mark, Uncle Von

Aaron and Forrest

Aaron, Gretchen's son, Aunt Carol, Jeremy, Uncle Von; No snake was going around my neck

Gretchen's baby, Natalia, Charity Caleb in background, Me, Gretchen's daughter
A couple years we went to Uncle Von's and Aunt Carol's, Aaron got out his snakes.  Maybe my memory is playing tricks with me, but I remember the big snake being very long.  Maybe it was after this year, because Caleb is pretty small here.  I remember I touched the snake but not much more.  The kids were sitting together with the big snake draped between several of them on their laps.   Snakes don't eat much, and consequently they don't poop much either.  However, this was one of the times it did.  Charity remembers that as the snake started to go, Caleb slid the part with stink coming out of it to her lap, and she didn't know what to do, so she got snake pooped on.  Snake poop is slimy and white.  There was not much we could do but put Charity's clothes in a trash bag.  The bag went into the trash can when we got home.  Sheri did not want to try to salvage them.


  1. Shirley Pohlsander: We must have seen the snake when I went to your house that once.

  2. Cheryl Kanke Haws: There's Forrest!

  3. Hey Billy, I remember the day the snake pooped on your daughter. I felt really bad that it happened to her and really good that it didn't happen to me.