Sunday, April 13, 2014

Early Hyrum Pictures

Some of these pictures may be out of order, but I thought I would share them just the same.  These mostly are early Hyrum pictures, before we moved to Illinois.
Ileen Wardle, December 25, 1964, Hyrum, Utah

[Hyrum House, undated, Mom Dad and ??]

January 1965 Hyrum Utah, Connie, Sara, Billy, Charlie, Weldon

[Hyrum dining room not dated, perhaps post Carbondale, see walker]

[Hyrum House front]

Connie Wardle. Sara Wardle, Ileen Wardle, [Grandma] Geneve Wright 18 July 1965

[Grandma] Geneve Wright, Ileen Wardle Feb. 1965, Lincoln, Idaho

Ileen, [Grandma] Meslissa [Grandpa] Wildord Blacksmith Fork Canyon, Hyrum, UT June 19, 1966

Christmas morning 1964, Hyrum, Utah

Ann Chase July 24, 1966, Rigby, Idaho

[Tony Grove, Weldon, Billy, Charlie?]


Christmas 1965, Hyrum, Utah

[Ann Chase, Tony Grove?]

Ann Chase, Feb 22, 1965, Hyrum, Ut [living room]

[Mom, undated, family room, Hyrum home]

[Tony Grove?]

[Mom Tony Grove?]

July 4, 1966 Mutual float Sara and Connie helped with


Verna, Danny and Bill Green, Hyrum, Utah 1965

July 30, 1967, Lincoln, Idaho, Wilford Wardle, Geneve Wright, Melissa Wardle

[Chases] Nov. 25, 1966

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