Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Poetry: As I Traveled to Her

As I Traveled to Her
As I traveled in my ship,
Looking through the window I saw the moon and the stars.
I saw the lights of the city
Their reflection on the glass.
As I traveled to see her I felt alive.
I felt every emotion I knew—as to her side I went:
I felt nervous; I felt hate;
I felt love; I felt anger;
I felt home; I felt happy;
I felt envy; I felt sad…
As I traveled that errant voyage,
Going to and fro along my way,
I realized I would never arrive to her side;
Her face I would never see again.

I wrote this probably in that period after mission and before I met Sheri.  I don't know why I wrote ship, reminds me of a space ship or something,  

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