Friday, October 17, 2014

My Poetry: Living Between the Light and the Shadows (original)

Found this copy of the song lyrics I wrote,  I reused this with different lyrics in "Your Heart Will Burn."  But this is the original, written before I went on my mission.
Living between the light and the shadows
The lines and the curves
The right and the wrong.
Wanting to be somebody good
                To do what I should
                                To know… the way.
But life goes on.
                And I sit and I cry
                While wondering why…
                                                                Why Lord?
Living upon the edge of the morning
                The crest of a mountain
                                The tail of a breeze
Singing the lines of a sweet song
                Which longs to be free
                                But doesn’t rise from my throat.
And life goes on.
                And I sit and I cry,
While wondering why
Why am I here lord…
                                                Oh why?
But somewhere... 
                Inside of me I know
                           That someday Me you will show
                                                Just why I am here.
But till then…

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