Monday, July 4, 2016

Duckwater Shoshone Tribal School: Basketball Coach

My first year in Duckwater I helped out by coaching the basketball team for the K-8 schoold.  This was a joint team with kids from both the Duckwater County School and the Duckwater Tribal School.  We practiced in the Tribal gym.  We played Lund twice, Ely Junior High  School once, and a parochial school in Ely.  We played close in a couple games, but Ely Junior High really skunked us.  We improved through  the year however.  Some of the he kids on the  team were Chris and Stephen Powers, Willie Blackeye, Willie Morago Amy Halstead and Kathy Hanks.
We did have some problems with playing in a disciplined style and getting into s set pattern, but as we set more realistic goals during the year we felt OK about the way things turned out.  We especially had problems with pressure and controlling the ball.  We lacked a good guard or a way to break a press.  The second year I was in Duckwater their were less kids of playing age and less interest so we didn't field a team.

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