Monday, July 4, 2016

July Fourth in Hyrum for the Big Celebration

Growing up in Hyrum, we participated in numerous July Fourth Celebrations.  I remember when I participated in Hyrum Little League, that we were often lined up and marched down Main Street as part of the parade.  Everyone would be in their uniform.  Walking a mile or more was hard back when you were young.  A highlight of the parade was the Sky View Marching Band when I was growing up.  Mountain Crest High School was not yet built.  Sometimes the Logan Band would also participate.  Floats were all home made, and usually on a trailer behind a vehicle.  Sometimes they were sponsored by wards and I remember helping with decorating some.  The parade has always had lots of horses.  And with horses come popper scoopers.  I think Weldon worked one year as a pooper scooper.  These were usually young men.
But the parade didn't start our day.  The day would start with Dad hauling us kids down to Hyrum Square where the Lion's Club would offer a Chuck Wagon breakfast as a fund raiser.  I loved those, and I can still taste the pancakes and butter and syrup.  It was a big feed which would take place under the covered pavilion by the big outdoor fireplace.
After breakfast, then we would head home before heading to the parade.  Usually we would line up to watch the parade close to our home.  We never saved spots, and sometimes regretted that when we didn't get a good place to watch the parade.  However there was usually someplace we could fit in. Dianna was in the parade one year, riding on a float.  This was probably about 1969.
After the parade there were activities by the Square.  We would watch the parade and then drive down to get there more quickly.
This picture isn't from the parade, but it shows our uniforms form the days we would have been in the parade or played on the Square.
As a youth we often participated in an Independence Day baseball game.  I know Weldon and played in games when we were young, and then we participated by coaching.  We would make sure there was a team coming to play us that day, and there were some good games.  These were mostly Little League games.  The game would usually start about 2 p.m. so it wouldn't interfere with other activities.  It just wasn't Independence Day without a good ball game.  Usually we played without spectators, but this day allowed us to play in front of people.
Hyrum usually had fireworks.  I remember one year they were over the lake.  They have also been presented at the Square.  There was also often a youth dance which was fun when we were a bit older.
In the days when I was growing up, we usually didn't have runs.  I know a run from the canyon, as well as a mile run down Main Street have become popular.

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