Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pioneer Day Children's Parades

Every year as a youth, the Pioneer Day Children's Parade was something to look forward to.  This was usually celebrated on Primary Day close to the 24th of July.  Back then you had primary one day a week outside of Sunday meetings.  During the summer this meeting was held during the day, and when school was in session was held after school.  There was always an organized parade for the fourth.  Children would decorate their bikes or wagons up in pioneer style, or just in streamers.  Our usual get-up was a loin cloth.  My mother had sewed a loin cloth to shorts so they were modest, and then we would paint our faces with crayon.  That was how we participated in the Primary parade for many years.  We often had really short hair for the summer, so our entire costume was never very authentic.  I know Weldon escaped this costume by decorating his bike one year, but usually there was no escape.  My mom liked things organized, and Indian loin clothes were organized.
In Hyrum we would take the parade around a block.  Around the block in Hyrum is a half mile.  I also participated twice in Carbondale (Illinois).  Here there was a busy street in front of the church, so our parade was around the parking lot a couple of times.  Of course the Carbondale Branch had a smaller showing, but some years in Hyrum the parade would extend for half a block, although the roads were wide and the Primary organizers usually had us three or four across.  I don't remember singing any songs, but I am sure there was an opening while we waiting for more children to gather who might be running late.

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