Friday, March 31, 2017

Hardward Ranch Elk Ride

I saved an article form the Great Outdoors section of the VIA AAA magazine a few years back about hardware ranch up Blacksmith Fork Canyon.  Too late this year, but the ride is great fun, and the herd seems to always increase in size.  You can go to the visitors center all year and see elk across the mountain meadow.  I remember as a scout going to the ranch and helping with conservation projects, or bringing in the cut hay or bailed grass.  We had some good times there.  One of our scouts' dad worked at the ranch so we got to go there a few times.  That would have been the Hyrum Fourth Ward at the time which included the ranch in its boundaries.  Check out their website.


  1. I remember this many times in the winter we would go to see the big ones.

  2. I remember this many times in the winter we would go to see the big ones.

  3. Nancy Jenkins Seligman I remember doing this :)

    Steve Hailstone I remember the old guy from Hyrum that first started and ran the Hardware Ranch, Joe Peterson back in the 1940's, my Uncle owned the Anderson Ranch just South of there. I spent many years fishing and hunting with my Dad in the summer's and trapping with my grandfather in the winter. For the curious, my Great grandfather was C.L. Anderson. He started the Anderson Ranch in the late 1800's

    Mike Heninger Does anyone remember when it was free to take the sleigh ride I remember it was free and you started by the barn.

    Steve Hailstone Sure do

    Lois D. Kidd yes !

  4. Paul Davis I remember they had a live Bobcat for several years

    Billy Wardle Yes, with a chain around its neck and its own doghouse.

  5. Merrill Page I remember going here for several years... and doing winter camp at Wapati as well.