Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Mile Swim

I can't say that I was the fastest swimmer, but I could go for long distances.  I had several resting strokes down.  This included the side stroke and the elementary back stroke.  Of course if you wanted to get anyplace you had to do the crawl.
I completed my mile swim at the Sky View High School pool.  Our ward Scouts would rent the pool  and we would go up there to work on our scout swimming requirements.  It made for a long Young Men's as the pool was twenty minutes away from Hyrum.  After being in Scouts a while, I had passed all of the basic requirements.  So we moved on to harder things.  There was a handful of us passing off the mile swim.  We started as soon as we arrived.  We only had the pool for an hour.  I took it easy, using plenty of resting strokes and taking my time; But I was steady.  Bit by bit I swam.  The leaders encouraged me to go fast.  There was no way I would finish before the hour.  And in fact I didn't.  I was a few minutes over.  But I swam a mile.  I received a patch to put on my swim suit.

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