Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmases in Othello

As I was very young, I don't remember very many actual experiences around Christmas in Othello.  I remember going to larger cities to Christmas shop, Seattle or Spokane.  I remember having to get past or through Mount Ranier with the threat of winter storms and icy roads.  I also remember one year shopping in a big city, and being in the back of the rambler, where there was a compartment underneath for storing things.  We came home knowing our Christmas was under our feet, and not being able to peak. 
Weldon 1954

 We would often travel the other direction for Christmas, Idaho Falls or Rigby were prime locations for Christmas, either visiting my mom's mother in Lincoln (My grandfather passed away shortly after I was born) or father's parents in Rigby.  Sometimes we would have a joint dinner with both sets of grandparents. From the pictures I notice cards taped to the wall.  This is something we still often do at our house.

Weldon is going to hit me

1963 Christmas Day, Lincoln
1963 was a different Christmas.  We were at Grandma Wright's, after a tour of California, San Francisco, Disneyland, Rose Bowl Parade, we would move in with her having left the farm behind us.

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