Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hyrum Lost a Friend This Week: Art Keeley
    Growing up I was good friends with David Keeley, and consequently spend quite a bit of time in the seminary building where Art Keeley worked.  There were two classes.  Brother Keeley was always there, while the other teacher seemed to have more turnover.  Brother Keeley had a snack drawer where he would sell candy.  Some weeks I would take my lunch money and blow it on candy.
     Going home from school, we had a half hour wait for the bus to come.  So with David we would hang in the seminary building where we played a lot of ping pong.  There were four of us, David, Terril Morgan, Randy Allen and myself.  We also spent a lot of time in Brother Keeley's classroom on the piano.  Randy would really play, and the rest of us would play "Peter Pumpkin Eater" on the black keys or "Chopsticks" or "Heart and Soul."  Some days Brother Keeley would have us help with different chores.  We went in the basement several times storing things or bringing things from storage.
     Some days we over did and missed the bus.  Then Brother Keeley would give us a ride, although I'm not sure he always liked us tagging along.  He had an old white station wagon.  They would have to stop at someone's house on the way where they bought fresh cow's milk.
     Brother Keeley had a good sense of humor and would use it in his class.  I remember he made a game on Jeopardy game on Church History and the question was, "liquor on the top shelf."  The answer was "Hyrum," the town where I grew up.
    At South Cache there was an annual basketball game; faculty verses ninth-grade boys team at the end of the year.  Brother Keeley would participate, sometimes as the ref, with the goal of bringing some comic entertainment.  He would do a good job.
     A few years later, 1981, when I graduated form Utah State, there was a special article in that Art Keeley was graduating with at least a couple of his children, including David.  He had gone back to school to get a Masters in Special Education.  He had developed an interest as a younger son was born with down's syndrome.
     The Keeley family was a large group, and I know I can't remember them all.  Claudia the oldest, and then David, my age, James, Lisa, Kevin and then a few younger siblings. 

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