Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Lost Carol DeBolt This Past Month

Carol Debolt passed away last month.  No obituary was published at her request.  We had been corresponding at Christmas for the past several years.  Last year she had mentioned that she had cancer.  Her illness limited her ability to work.  Most recently she had worked at the stadium in San Diego--I think the Padres.  Carol loved baseball.  She had followed the Pirates, and sometime the took the West trip with them.
Carol DeBolt had lived in Hyrum, kitty-corner from Lincoln Elementary, the corner of Center and100 East, for several years.  She moved to Cache Valley to work with the Home Start program. This was a program related to Head Start, working with preschool children.
Carol had four children, Judy, David, Linda and Ben.  David and Ben participated in Hyrum sports, mostly baseball.  They both played short stop.  Carol was very active in the kids sports.  She and Sister McBride, (mother of Darrus and Robbie) would take it upon themselves to provide meals for us.  They were the team mothers.  They would prepare the meals, and we would eat them is how that worked.  We also had many good times, because it was impossible to always be focused on baseball.  Spoons was a really big hit.  We also played a game of putting flour in a cup and then putting a penny on top.  We would slowly cut the flour away until the penny would fall--something like Jenga.  We had many fun times.
Carol was a great fan of Ohio State.  They played two seasons in a row at the Rose Bowl, and we boys went on a road trip to Pasadena.  We slept on the street to have a good spot for the Rose Bowl Parade.  We watched the game and both years Ohio State lost.  One year the Volkswagon Van Carol drove had issues.  It fell on me to fix the alternator one time with card board pieces, because the garage in the desert didn't have the part.  It got us home, and then died.
Carol was  voice of agitation in the community.  She spoke out for recreational opportunities and fair government. 
The DeBolts left Hyrum for California after I returned home from my mission; probably 1979.  I took environmental science at Utah State with David.  David had continued playing baseball, including Sky View High School, and I heard some university in San Diego. 
Before I went on my mission, I gave Carol a Book of Mormon.  I stayed at their house until early in the morning, building up my nerve to give it to her.  I think she put it with many others she had been given over the years.


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  2. I loved this lady.. Every time the Zeller's watered the pasture we flooded her. It took a day or so but I would go by her house and she would have 6 inches of water in her front yard. I would say sorry about the water but what could you do... The pasture would dry up with out it. just a little note
    Jim Zeller
    sorry about the spelling on the first note Fat fingers.