Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Through the Years

My memories of Thanksgiving have become blurred with Christmas.  The pre-Thanksgiving activities were usually at the school, telly the Mayflower story, constructing Thanksgiving turkeys with colorful feathers.
Often a feast at Aunt Audrey's in Pocatello made the day special.  Her home wasn't the largest, be we all seemed to find a place to eat, either in the living room with t.v. trays, or in the kitchen.  There was a great crowd there with many cousins.   Sometimes our attention would turn to football on the telly in the afternoon. 
More recently a tradition has been for my mom's family to gather in Logan at her church on Thanksgiving about every third year.  These are busy days, and fun.  We use one end of the gym for we decorate, while in the other we get a basketball game going.  There is a t.v. set up with a movie.  The Thanksgiving meals are spectacular wit both ham and turkey.  I love ham gravy.  There are vegetable trays and all the side dishes you could think of--bean casserole, stuffing, cheese tray etc.  After the meal we would always take family pictures on the stairs in Grandma' church.  There would be a big group picture and then individual family pictures.

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