Saturday, March 16, 2013

Duckwater 4-H

Duckwater 4-H, Perline Thompson, behind? Mary Blackeye, ?Angel's brother, Lorinda Sam, Michael Blackeye, Millicent Blackeye, me, Angel Graham, Jamie Frejo
Among the other duties I performed in Duckwater was to supervise the 4-H group.  I had no history with 4-H although Sheri did.  This is a program geared towards exhibiting at the fair, and completing projects.  The kids mostly did handicraft projects.  They also had to include a journal of their projects.  There was some amazing work done, especially intricate beadwork, mostly from a weave. 


  1. Lorinda Sam I see Perline Thompson Mary black eye Michael Blackeye Angel Graham Corrina Thompson and Jamie Maria Frejo

  2. Millicent Blackeye Yes..that's Mary Blackeye in the red jacket and Mike Blackeye in the brown vest