Sunday, March 17, 2013

Duckwater Scenery and Fauna

Duckwater had such a combination of scenery.  There was the Nevada dessert.  However there were also the mountains surrounding the valley.  There was also a meadow in the middle of the valley, supplied by the Duckwater Springs.  There was a border between the meadow, which was farmed, and the dessert.
Behind our home there was a hill.  Upon this was the t.v. tower.  Sheri and I would go for walks on the hill.  One time a coyote came trotting along and stopped to take a look at us until I threw a rock at him.  I don't know if he thought we were lunch.  Upon this hill, and also in Duckwater were rocks and cactus.  The cactus produced a flower, and a cactus berry in season.  The only problem with the berry is the season was very short, but they tasted great.  They didn't keep very long in the fridge however, so it was like a two week feast and then it was gone.
We welcomed several critters into our home.  One time there was a snake that crawled in.  Another there was a scorpion.  I was running around bare footed and almost stepped on the thing.  When I saw it I jumped.
The other popular animal was the debus (Shoshone for stink bub.)  There was an abundance of them, and they would put their heads down and make their stink.
Looking towards reservation (North) from Halstead home

Views of the Valley

Duckwater Peak
Duckwater Peak was in the distance to the South.  There were mountains on the East and West of the Valley.  Sheri and I lived ten miles from the reservation with a ranch family, in their ranch house.

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