Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lay Off Notice Santa Clara County

Within a year of my working for Santa Clara County at Virginia Street Project, and moving the family to San Jose, I received a lay-off notice.  This came just a few months after I was honored with our program as "Employee of the Month."  This wasn't a very fun time, as I realized it would be difficult to find employment with the same income, and our income was spread thin as it was.  I looked at contracted programs with mental health, but they didn't pay enough to support a family.  I looked at social services, and actually applied and interviewed for a couple of jobs.  I was told I didn't have enough court experience.  While I didn't have experience in Santa Clara County, I had been in federal court, tribal court, and courts in Utah and Nevada.  I had lots of experience in court, just not the court they worked with.
In the end the lay-off notice was rescinded.  I was going to stay with Virginia Street Project.  After we had the farewell dinner for a couple coworkers, within an hour, I got notice I was being transferred.  One of the employees for whom we had the farewell was staying.  A couple others left county employment, including our psychiatrist.

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