Saturday, November 23, 2013

Argentine Mission: Going Home: Trip to the Airport

I stayed up most the night the night previous, and was very glad to have a ride to the airport.  Lucy and Lilly had a friend with a car who agreed to take me. 
Ezeiza International Airport is to the Northwest of Buenos Aires, so it was a good drive.  San Martin, where I was, is to the Southwest of Buenos Aires.  I think Elder Jacobs caught a ride with the Apata family, from Don Torcuato, as they were at the airport as well. 
Elders Lynn, Reed Jacobs, Dennis Lange and I traveled together. 
We flew Aerolineas Argentinas.  We were headed to Peru for a four-day tour on the way home.  I watched the ground as we flew West from Buenos Aires.  It was interesting to watch the lay of the ground below, and how the urban terrain gave way to the rural.  It was my last view of Argentina before I fell asleep.

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