Monday, November 11, 2013

The Night Before Leaving Argentina

The day before leaving Argentina our companions left us at the mission home as they prepared for transfers, and we spent the day with the mission president.  He served us dinner, and we turned in our final write up and talked about future plans.  We  were dismissed about eight o'clock to go and get our stuff, and then be back to the airport the next day.  This was really strange because we did not have companions.  I jumped on a bus and asked for two tickets before I realized what I was doing.  Riding the bus back was crowded but lonely at the same time. 

Cirsu Family, Rosa and Ricardo kids Lucy, Lilly Ita, Ricky, Teresita

No rule against holding babies

Getting back to San Miguel there were many people I had promised last night goodbyes.  This including the Barrientos who served me empanadas dulces, or empanandas with sweet jam inside.  I also visited the Corsi family who had an evening of tricks for me.  Lucy gave me a big sucker which I never ate, but brought home and placed with my mementos until it became ruined.  I also visited the Diaz family, but after everyone was asleep.  I ran into my old companion as they were out working, and gave them a last goodbye as well. 
getting a little sleep

The Diaz Family

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