Monday, November 4, 2013

Release Paperwork from my Mission

Brother and Sister Wardle,
It is with great reluctance that I forward the release of your son, Elder James William Wardle, from the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission.  He will be missed by all who were blessed with his companionship.  He served honorably and well.  You can take great pride in the many accomplishments he achieved while serving here.
If there is one phrase that might exemplify your son, I would think that phrase would have to something like, "actions speak louder than words".  He has consistently performed at a very high level in the mission field.  He has a true sense of purpose of those things which are important and does them with singleness of mind.  He has been an outstanding missionary and I am personally very sorry to see him leave.  WE shall miss him and his strong spirit.
I thank you very much for having made it possible for him to have had this incomparable experience of serving the Lord through service to the Argentine people.  He will always remember his mission
Warmest person regards, Joseph L. Bishop Mission President.

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