Friday, October 25, 2013

Bill Sharman Passes Away

Bill Sharman passed away this week.  Most people are remembering Bill Sharman as the championship coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, or executive with the Boston Celtics.  However I remember him from before the Lakers, with the Utah Stars, 1971 championship teach.  He was the coach of the team which featured Zelmo Beaty as the center who could always get a basket when needed, Willie Wise, as the small forward who provided the moves, Wayne Hightower as the defender and rebounder, Glen Combs as the three point specialist, Ron Boone as the sixth man and energy off the bench, Red Robbins as scoring off the bench and Mervin Jackson at the point. 
Weldon and I would follow the games on the radio, on TV when they were shown, and a few games at the Salt Palace.  I remember one game Weldon and I got their early for the game, and went to the Jazz office in the Salt Palace.  They gave us the media guide pamphlets from the year before.  It was a good experience.

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