Monday, October 7, 2013

Mission to Argentina: Barrio Dos San Fernando

From Barrio Uno I was transferred to Barrio Dos in San Fernando, which was in an area North of Buenos Aires.  We had an apartment very close to the river.  Tigre and the delta also pertained to this ward.  There was another set of missionaries in Tigre.  Durin g the time I was there we went to the delta a couple of times.  One time for a district P-Day with a member of the church. He was fishing and caught a piranha.  I examined it closely, and touched its front tooth which cut my finger.  The tooth was razor sharp.  We heard to story about how the cattlemen would cross the river.  They would send a sickly cow across downstream, which would attract all the attention of the piranha, and then cross the herd of cattle in safety upstream. 
Barrio dos was interesting as it had lots of dignitaries in the ward.  This included the stake president, Presidente Lindheimer and his family.  They had lived in the U.S. for sometime, and remembered some of the American Holidays.  Also in the ward was Elder Robert E. Wells and his family.  As such I met the future Miss America.
My companion was Elder Reed Findley.  We did have some success.  We baptized the Zgot family.  All women, and I became known as being able to bring women into the church. The Zgot family was very poor.  They had us over for dinner, and served polenta with tomato sauce.  It wasn't my favorite, and for a while I had a negative opinion of polenta.  However made with lots of cheese, it is very good.  With the Zgots we watched a Catholic processional which was very interested.  The lived in like the garage of a storage area.  Very humble circumstances.
Zgot family with myself and Elder Reed

It was on a cold night that we were headed back to our place, maybe a bit early.  I insisted we try one more contact, and we contact a couple waiting at the bus stop.  The actually lived in Pacheco, and were leaving their parents home to take the bus.  We actually contacted them as they were returning home, and it took us a while to be able to teach them. We taught them just before we left the area.  They Elders who cam after us finished teaching them.  However they were baptized. 
impromptu P-Day party

View from the San Fernando Water Tower

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