Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vance Douglas and our Boxing Bout at the Turkey Farm

Vance Douglas passed away this month.  Back when we were both in Junior High School, we both worked at turkey farm.  It was a job that paid one dollar per hour, but it was work.  We fed turkeys, cleaned the turkey pens, gathered eggs, washed feeders, or what ever job we were assigned to.  Sometimes we road a tractor to the pens farther away.  There were also vaccination and de-beaking days.  Those days were hard work.
But back to Vance.  Vincent Olagie was was the Mexican foreman.  One time he had the idea of organizing boxing matches.  I was involved in several, and held my own. These were bare-fisted bouts, no gloves here.  One day Vincent pitted me against Vance.  We were both about the same size, and pretty evenly matched.  I must admit I think Vance got the better of me, but Vance called it a draw.  I never had such a bloody nose in my life, but I was still boxing with the blood dripping down my face.  However Vance gave me credit for one blow I inflicted, however I actually was embarrassed by the blow.  I went for Vance's face and missed, hitting him in the neck.  I guess it was a pretty good blow, but I didn't want to hit him in the neck.  That seemed sort of like hitting below the belt. 
The boxing bout had nothing to do with animosity, but fun, mostly the boss' at our expense. 

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