Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mission: Rama San Miguel

My final area to serve was in San Miguel.  In this area I had three companions, and made many friends.  Hermana Diaz made our meals for us.  Another sister did our laundry, and we lived with the Rosas family.  We worked hard and had some success.  The branch was large, but lacked priesthood leadership.  Hermano Zopetti, who had lived across from the church in San Fernando, had moved with his family to the area and was the ward mission leader.  We did lack priesthood leadership.  The branch president was from another ward in the stake. 
Flores family, baptized

Lucy and Ita

Elder Perez


Corsi family, Hermana Rosaura, Lusu, Ita, Ticky, Teresa, Lilly and Hermano Ricardo.
with Teresita

Lilly's baptism

Elder Steed on the left

San Miguel

Elder Petersen

Diaz family

Barrientos family

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