Sunday, October 6, 2013

Argentine Mission: Bueno Aires North: Barrio Uno

My first companion in Buenos Aires was Elder Larsen.

We served in Barrio Uno, in Liniers.  Elder Larsen and I worked mostly in Mataderos.  We had plenty of people to teach in that area.  Ruben Diaz had been baptized shortly before I arrived, and he was very excited about the gospel.  We taught his mother.  Hermana Duarte was baptized shortly after I arrived.  She was older, but very faithful.  I saw her when she sang with the choir for regional conference a year and a half later.
We also taught the Graciano family, and they accepted the gospel.  Hermano Graciano was the first person I baptized. 
Chapel Barrio Uno, Graciano car and family.
There little girl was learning how to talk.  She had the cutest little two-year-old accent.  She had a hard time with s's and would say a ti instead of asi.
During this time we lived with Hermana Gallardo.  Her children wore guardapolvos to school, which was common throughout the country.  The children would wear whatever under, but the all wore a white overcoat. 
The had a flat roof, and on this roof had built a couple of rooms.  The roof also had a lattice work covered with grape vines.  Hermana Gallardo also fixed our meals, and did the laundry.  The bishop, Obispo Hoffman lived in our area.  He was a barber and we visited him once for haircuts.
Elder Scaugard (the artist)and Elder Klingler

Elder Woodhouse
Elder Ellsworth, my companion
After a couple months, I was transferred inside Barrio Uno, but I had a new companion, Elder Ellsworth, and a new area, La Tablada.  La Tablada was on the other side of the freeway which circled the federal capital.  We actually moved into the area, and lived with a member of the bishopric, Hermano Rodriguez and family.  Our bathroom was back of the house, but it had water.  We installed a small apparatus which attached to the shower to fill with water, which you would then heat with an electric coil, for your shower.  Otherwise the did not have hot water.  We would still travel to Liniers for meals and laundry. 

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