Saturday, August 23, 2014

Malad Tournament:

This is the last year of the Wardles running and coaching Hyrum Baseball.  Weldon had graduated from College and moved on.  I coached this year but would be involved with school the next year doing field placement, and then move on to graduate school. 
This year we sponsored a four city league, and called ourselves Blacksmith Fork Little League (We were no affiliated with the national organization but used the term Little League to represent an age group.)  From this group we selected an all star team which represented us at the Malad Tournament.  As you can see from the the tournament schedule we won two games and lost two games, not quite making it to the third place game.  We had some good players.  Terral Baldwin from Wellsville was our catcher.  Rod Stuart and Steven Banks right handed pitchers, and Devin Fackrell left-handed pitcher. Steven developed arm problems, and I'm not sure if he actually pitched at Malad.  Dennis Gittens also helped pitch and provide power at the plate.  Ryan Brown was an infielder.

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