Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mark's Career in the Theater: Once on This Island

Cupertino High School 2005.  Marks Senior year we was in the school musical portraying Daniel Beauxhomme (beautiful man) in the Cupertino High School Production of "Once on an Island."  He was cast opposite his girlfriend of the time, Milan who portray Ti Moune.  The island was two classes, those with money, and the peasant people. 
Ti Moune is a girl who is rescued from a tree after a storm.  The great rich "grand hommes" people often drive their vehicles quickly around the island, among them Daniel, who crashes in the rain.  He is nursed back to health by Ti Moune, who falls in love with him.  Daniel is take back to his own people, and nursed further back to health.  Ti Moune makes a deal with death, that he live, and her own life is death's.  Ti Moune travels across the island to be with her love, who commits to her in the song, Some Girls You Marry, and Some You Love." 
Some girls take hours to paint every perfect nail
Fragrant as flowers, all powdered and prim and pale
But you are as wild as that wind-blown tree
As dark and as deep as the midnight sea
While they're busy dressing, you lie here, warm and bold
Some girls you picture, some you hold

Some girls take courses at all the best schools in France
Riding their horses and learning their modern dance
They're clever and cultured and worldly wise
But you see the world through a child's wide eyes
Their dreams are grand ones, you want what's just in reach
Some girls you learn from, some you teach

You are not small talk or shiny cars
Or mirrors or French cologne
You are the river, the moon, the stars
You're no one else I've known

Some girls take pleasure in buying a fine trousseau
Counting each treasure and tying each tiny bow
They fold up their futures with perfumed hands
While you face the future with no demands
Some girls expect things others think nothing of
Some girls you marry, some you love
He is previously engaged, and has obligations, but things he can have a love and a wife.  However this does not work.  Death comes to retake his prize and says you must kill him or die.  She makes an attempt, but then is overcome with love and cannot kill him.  However in this she is discovered with a knife, and thrown out.  She waits ate the gates for Daniel, who finally comes with his new pride on their wedding day, and doesn't acknowledge her other than to throw coins to her as is the custom.  Overcome with grief, she is allowed to drown peacefully.  Her body washes ashore, and becomes a great tree.  The tree breaks the gate of the hotel palace.  The people are then able to mix together with love.  The show ends with Daniels son (played by Caleb) marrying a peasant girl.  The cycle of prejudice is broken.  
I am sure, Mark is the only person at the school that could have pulled off this role.  He had a steering wheel which he used to represent his big car, and skipped around the stage, until the water got him.  Somehow his younger brother, Caleb ended up in the play as well, although his was a nonspeaking part.  Mark was excellent.  His solos sent chills up your spine.  I still wish I had a recording. 

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