Saturday, August 23, 2014

Special Olympics: Roosevelt, Utah 1983

In 1983 I found myself in Roosevelt, Utah doing a field placement at Utah State Social Services.  In addition to completing my field placement, I would also complete a research project on rural social work.  It would be an incredible time.  During this time I would fall out of love with a girl, and into love with Sheri, my wife of 31 years.  I would participate in a musical, Men of La Mancha.  I would also work with Rose Miller.  Rose was involved in the community, and one of the things she did was the local chairperson for Special Olympics.  One of my work assignments was to rewrite the procedural book for the local Special Olympics.  When the Special Olympics event was actually held I worked as a volunteer.  Rose Miller was able to get Pace Mannion to come and be the master of ceremonies.  This was after his Senior year of basketball at the University of Utah.  Special Olympics was very impressive with all the hugs that each of the athletes was given at the end of every event.  It was a different experience.

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