Sunday, September 28, 2014

Battle Hymn of the Republic, Tribute to Athletics, Skyview High School

I was going to participate in football my sophomore year at Sky View, but I had broken my arm the summer before playing baseball.  I was too shy to call the coach and explain what had happened and why I was missing practice.  I showed up to school the first day, and had seventh period athletics, but was asked to transfer out by the coach.  Who needed someone in athletics with a big cast on his arm.  That is how I got into Spanish as an alternative, which was pretty fun.  After I got my cast off, I tried out for wrestling.  It was harder not having seventh period, as everyday I showed up late and then had to catch up as best I could.  I didn't have the stamina or whatever I needed to continue at that pace, and thus ended my athletic career at Sky View.  I never got back into it after that one halfhearted attempt.  However I admire those who had the gumption, and the talent, to stick to it. 

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