Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Death of Bishop Dean Wengreen

The Wengreen family actually moved into Hyrum shortly after we did.  We enjoyed participating in sports with their sons.  Jeff and Sid would come over and be part of the baseball leagues we would put together in our neighborhood, and played in the lot next to our house (which is now a couple of houses.)  We would also go to their house and play football.  They had three homes with backyards together, and it made a nice football field of maybe some 40 yards, although somewhat narrow. 
Dean Wengreen was called as our bishop shortly after they moved in, which I thought was rather odd.  He was the bishop after we moved to Illinois for two years.  During the first year, Sister Wengreen was killed in an auto accident.  My oldest sister came home to be with her friend, Debra.  When we moved back a year later, Bishop Wengreen was still bishop, but he had remarried and the family shortly moved into the Barton home.  One neat thing about that house is they made a basketball court and we went there to play from time to time.  Bishop Wengreen supervised the demolition of the old chapel and the construction of the new.  We met in the first ward building after we moved back from Illinois. 
I had another experience with the Wengreen family.  Bishop Wengreen taught at the institute in Logan.  They invited me to go to a production of the Wizard of Oz at the institute.  Many of their kids were in the show.  I traveled to and from with them.  Must have been before we moved to Illinois. 

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