Saturday, September 20, 2014

Skyview A Cappella Choir 1975 Ain't Got Time to Die
Tony and I sing this song every once in while.  I always thought we might record it, but now that I have posted this copy featuring Chris Jensen, there is no need.  Chris does an excellent job as the featured soloist.  The last time I saw Chris was at University of Utah.  I happened to run into him on campus.  He was there to study graduate school music, and I was studying social work.
If anyone knows of Chris' doings now please let me know.  I imagine he followed in Stratford Loosli's footsteps and is teaching choir someplace.
The visual emphasizes those who served, costumes, set and publicity for the performances, sound, service organizations and clubs.  These people are often not seen, but are so important and this video gave me an opportunity to honor them.    

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