Thursday, September 11, 2014

Skyview Teachers and Adminstration 1975

This short presents Skyview's coaches and teachers.  There were many good teachers at Skyview.  My favorite was Señor Oswald.  He had the task of teaching us Spanish.  I took Spanish all three years at school.  We use to give Senor Oswald a hard time, coming into class saying, "Vamos a tener fiesta hoy."  We would do that every day, until finally Senor Oswald got upset with us.   However he was a patient man.  He had to be to put up with us.  I think the people I knew the best at Skyview were those in Spanish class with me.  We were together three years, and Senor  Oswald had special names for us.  Mostly our names pronounced in Spanish, but not always.  Some of us were Tigre Barker, Jose Carreido, Claudia Houston, Patricia Apelskog and Gregorio Johnson.  My first couple years I was also involved in Spanish club.  We were able to practice dance, and even put on a couple programs.  We went to North Cache on one occassion.  I loved the Mexican Hat Dance. 

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  1. Cynthia Croshaw: Soup Jessop
    Ann Hansen: Mrs. White, Miss Barnes, Mr. Atkins and my debate coach Mr. Jenson
    Becky Reid Linford: Ed Jenson & Brian Chambers.
    Betsy Nielsen Morrisroe: Miss Barnes & Bank
    Elizabeth Cram Hysell: Mrs. White and Miss Barnes......
    Holley Allen: Bank, we were still friends , going to lunch, exchanging birthday cards right up to when she passed on
    Tracy Phillips: Gordy Churchhill