Thursday, December 17, 2015

Duckwater Community Projects August 1983-June 1985: Community Projects: Pottery

The Duckwater Tribe owned a pottery wheel, however it was not used as it should have been.  I was able to set it up in a building behind the school.  In the end it made a nice pottery barn.  We also found money to purchase a kiln.  The building where we put the kiln did not have an adequate electricity supply as it needed to have 220, the same as for a stove.  This left the task of running a line underground to the out building.  I was able to get the wire through a pipe, but did not have the electrical know how to complete this project.  I was able to recruit Irwin Watson and staff from the garage and maintenance department of the tribe to complete this and make sure the kiln was well wired.  This project was done to support the school and the art program at the school.

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