Sunday, December 20, 2015

Duckwater Community Projects August 1983-June 1985: Volleyball League

I organized and ran a volleyball league both years we lived in Duckwater.  We had five or six teams each year.  Most of the teams came from the Native American, but we also had one community ranch team which is the team Sheri and I would participate with.  We would have regular play, and then a tournament at the end of the year.  Willie Blackeye was usually the star.  His team won the championship both years.  Other teams included the Duckwater Shoshone School team which had many teachers and spouses.  There was also a team of tribal employees, and another community team with many from the George family.
I would arrange for the purchasing of trophies for the first place team.  I also got more than my share of officiating volleyball.  It seems I was in charge of the net about every game, but I could get someone to watch the lines for me.  JerDean Moyle, a senior in high school, would also help with the officiating.  The league was co-ed and the rule required three women participate at all times on the court.

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