Saturday, December 19, 2015

Duckwater Community Projects August 1983-June 1985: Save the Children

Save the Children was an international organization to help communities.  They would sponsor individual children, with the goal of using the money donated on behalf of the child for community projects.  The idea behind the projects was to lead towards self sufficiency.  Of course there would always be some personal giving to the individual child.  The children of the Duckwater Reservation were sponsored through this program.  I remember one year just before Christmas, I received a big package of donated items for Christmas.  I distributed them to the different families on the reservation like a day before Christmas.  I worked on this project most of the time I was at Duckwater, and it was finally established before I left.  I did leave before the actual community project was started, so I am not sure how the money was used.  However, most of the kids had a sponsor before I left.  A community based board was in place to supervise the money and assure it was used for the benefit of the community.

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