Friday, December 25, 2015

LTM (MTC) Teacher/Basketball Coach Ken Wagner
I have crossed paths with Ken Wagner a couple times in my life.  The firstwat at the Language Training Mission in Provo.  He was one of my two Spanish instructors.  He was born in Chihuahua Mexico and served a mission in Monterrey Mexico.  While I was in the LTM Spanish instruction included grammar, but also a memorize the discussions part.  One day I vomited the food they were serving, and didn't make it to class as a result.  He came to check on me.  I was studying as hard as I could without being in class.  I think he was worried I was just being a slacker.  I only missed half a day.  I wasn't really sick, just sick of thick pancakes.  He was my instructor the entire two months.
The second time he crossed my path was when he was coaching at Lehi High School.  Weldon's team form Tintic High School had a game scheduled with them.  This was the case of the 1A school (Weldon's) taking on the larger 2A school.  Not only that, but Lehi at the time was a very good team.   They played in a couple state championships.  I don't remember the score, but Lehi won the game. From Lehi High School he went south to Dixie College.  He has been at Hawaii BYU for 25 years.

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