Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Poetry: A Weekful of Risings


It’s time to get up, in those covers don’t hide,
If you do these finger might have to tickle your side.
And look here, a right hand of fingers for your left side,
And a left hand of fingers for your right
You better get up or these fingers will give you a tickly fright.

Pull off those cover from around your head
It’s morning now, TIME TO GET UP, the clock has said.
Seven Oh three, no seven oh four,
You should be on your way out the door.
Into the bathroom, water on for your shower
Not lollygagging here like a lazy flower.

It’s time to get up.  You better not hide.
Cause my tickly fingers will find your side.


Time to get up and you better hurry,
I put my tickle fingers away; you better worry
The tickle fingers are hiding, but the squishy belly wants to play
Better get up or squishy belly will squish you away.

Don’t give me that moan!  Don’t give me that groan!
Squishy belly doesn’t care if you groan or moan.
It will start at your feet and squish your insides up to your head.
And before your head pops; you better be out of bed.

I’m up daddy I’m up!  Don’t you see me running to the shower?
It’s only you left in bed, like a wilting pansy flower.


Time to get up child.  No not today Dad.  Can’t you see I’m sick.
It hurts to open my eyes, my head throbs and my throat feels yick.
Bad throat huh, we’ll have to see. 
Open your mouth wide and I’ll look inside.
Here open up, while I hold your tongue down with my stick.
It won’t gag you too much, you
Haven’t had breakfast, you’ll only throw-up a bit.

Bad throat day, now say aaaaah while I
Look down your throat.
No it’s not red, are you playing me
For a Billy goat?

You better get up its almost time for school
You better get up and not play ME for a fool.
“Do I hafta?”  You hafta.


Time to get up….No response.
Time to get up….No response.
I say time to get up….No response.

Well I guess I’ll just have to get the dipper from the bathroom
Fill it with cold water, and no it’s not so I can prune or groom.
But I have a special use for this water I’m holding over your head.
If you don’t get up you’ll soon have a wet bed.

Water will be dripping off your hair and eye brows,
You better get up this dipper of water is heavy in my paws.
You wouldn’t really—you shouldn’t, couldn’t.
Well maybe I wouldn’t,
But you’re up now, and that is prudent.


Time to get up dear, it’s almost seven
Really Dad, as I dreamed, it felt like heaven
And the covers are so nice and soft and warm
Like when I snuggle mommy, I know nothing will bring me harm.

I know dear, but today is Friday, one last day of school this week.

Friday?  T.G.I.F.?  T.G.I.F.!  I can’t speak,
Yes, that’s hay carramba, macanudo, magnifique.
Thank goodness it’s Friday; Trei magnifique!
Tremendous Stupendous and outrageous, terrifically advantageous,
Super dooper, great big scooper, extraordinarily great day.

I can get up, don’t you see me.
I can get up with energy and zest.
Fridays are the best!  FRIDAYS!  ARE!  THE!  BEST!


Time to get up Dad.   …oooooh. 
Time to get up Dad.   …oooooh.
Dear, don’t you see the clock.  It’s only five.
Don’t you see the clock.  It’s only five, sakes alive.
Five o’clock, let me sleep, let me snore.
Five o’clock, I can sleep and hour or two, maybe more.

Ooooh, I’m tired; ooooh let me sleep
Ooooh it’s only five.  Don’t make a peep.
Dad, it’s fine.  The sun’s up, and so am I.
If you don’t get up you’ll miss the rabbit fly.
Dad, let’s play dolls, let’s play house.
Do you want to play a game, maybe “Catch the Mouse.”

No school today Daddy, it’s all for fun.
Don’t waste the sun Daddy, let’s go, run!
Let’s go to the park Daddy.  I like to swing.
I’ll fix a picnic, you make a cake, what should Mommy bring?
It’s time to get up Daddy, the sun is peeking over the hills.
Today is a day for fun and thrills.


It’s time to get up Dear,
I’m already up Daddy.
I woke with a smile.  Me too.
Sunday is a good day, a day to dress with some style.
Go to church and worship God for a while.
A day to remember the Son, Jesus Christ,
His suffering for us at Gethsemane and on the cross.

A day to pledge to always do our best,
To follow Jesus with energy and zest.
A day to serve, a day to rest, to leave worldly cares behind.
A day to love each other, a day to love our families,
                                  A day to find….
Peace, and love, and happiness,
A day to search the scriptures, a day of prayer.
I love you Daddy.  I love you too little one…
And I would never really squish you or dump water on you….
I know.

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