Monday, February 11, 2013

Blacksmith Fork Canyon and Hardware Ranch

Growing up in Hyrum implies having experiences up the canyon.  This included family and ward picnics at the Hyrum City Park.  Also occasional Young Men's and Women's activities at the building there.  We held more than one dance there.  A favorite activity was to look for the head of Lincoln in the formation of the rocks on the up or back.
Hardware Ranch 1965


Getting wet, Hyrum Park
Modern-day sleigh rides
Hardware Ranch was also fun.  When I was young they had a  bobcat on a leash there.  They also had a pretend cemetery of a family that wasn't careful in the wild.  When we were Young Men, Hardware Ranch was a place for service or conservation projects.
I completed some merit badges up the canyon.  I studied the environment around Shenoah Picnic Area.
One winter, we did a winter camp at the old Quonset huts with the Varsity Scouts.  We had a great time playing penny poker all night.  It was fun as a came out a couple dollars ahead.
We had some fun family activities including going up Left-Hand fork to Old Ephraim's grave, going for a Sunday picnic and Connie and Weldon getting wet, Scout Camporee to the South of Hardware, and deer hunting past Hardware to the East.


  1. Does anyone remember the bobcat at Hardware Ranch? Eileen Flaherty James: I do. I was just talking about it a few weeks ago. Hyrum city has Holiday at Hardware the first Saturday in December and all residents can go up there and ride the sleighs out to see the elk for free. Then Santa and mrs Claus are there for the kids and pictures. That's a great picture.

    1. Billy Wardle Makes me want to be in Hyrum the first Saturday in December

  2. Ruth Palmer Roberts: Always a high light of our winter.