Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sheri and I: First Vacation to So Cal

Besides our honeymoon, which really wasn't more than one night ad Midway, between out two homes, our first vacation was to Southern California. We traveled for the sealing of Sheri's older brother, Terry to his wife and family of three children.  Terry was stationed at Camp Pendleton, and we spent a week with them.
Our vacation started with a trip to Death Valley.  I should mention, that as went through Tonopah, we saw a very unusual airplane, which was the F-117 stealth aircraft, still not publicly announced but familiar to the people of Tonopah.ty
We visited Scotty's Castle at Death Valley, The lowest point in the United States and the old Borax Mines where they had the 40-mule teams.

Jonathan and Andrea

Boyd, Michaela and Jonathan

Terry and July with Michaela, Andrea and Joel

The reason for the trip was the sealing at the temple.  The ceremony was at the L.A. Temple.  We were hosted by Julie's parents the first few days.
After the ceremonies, we headed south and spent the week with terry and Julie.  It was a good base for activities.  Sheri and I spent a day at Sea World.

Riding dolphins


I like penguins

We went to Disneyland  We  went to Knottsberry Farm which was really fun but I have no pictures.

The beach was close to Pendleton, and the camp had a private beach.

Lion Country was also very fun for a drive through.

We went to San Diego Zoo with Julie and the her kids.  It was too large to see it all so we did the bus ride in the end. 

We als spent a day at Six Flags.  However this was a disappointment as it was a school day of some type with very long rides. so mostly standing in line and not much playing.
On the way home we toured Sequoia National Park.

General Sherman, Oldest Living Thing

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