Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brad Thomas: Friend of my Growing up Years in Hyrum

zBrad Thomas was honored as the "Youth of the Month" in the second edition of the Hyrum Crusader (a city newspaper I put out in Hyrum after high school.)  It said, "Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Thomas. ... Brad is an Eagle Scout has received his Duty to God award.  He has been active in Fourth Ward Priesthood Quorums and has served as secretary, counselor and president in his quorums.  He is currently the senior representative in the Sky View Seminary Presidency, and in the ninth grade was president of the South Cache Seminary.  Currently participating as a forward on the Sky View basketball team, Brad is the second leading scorer on the team.  Brad also plays football and runs track, playing linebacker and defensive end in football and doing the high jump and helping a relay team in track.  Brad is treasurer of the Letterman's Club.  He has served on the Sky View student senate several times and is also a member of Who's Who in American Teenagers.  Ranked fifth scholastically in this year's graduating class  from Sky View, Brad has received many citizenship and scholarship awards, including a $100 Rotary Club scholarship this year and a special citizenship ward in the ninth grade at South Cache."
I knew Brad from church days, and from his playing on our Bantam Basketball team.  We were pretty good.  Brad was a year younger than I, but he was our big man and most steady player.  We actually took first in the Hyrum league, and earned the honor to play in a tournament at the Armory in Smithfield.  They played a higher level of ball than anything we had seen in Hyrum.  Needless to say we were overwhelmed by the pressure, all of us except Brad.  Brad was a true player, and the rest of us sort of amateurs.  We got trounced the first half, but Brad calmed us down, and we actually played with them the second half. 
Brad is one of those people I lost track of after high school.  I heard he became a physical therapist and had a clinic in Logan.  However I haven't seen him since going on my mission many years ago.  He was with the class of 76 and I 75.

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