Friday, May 24, 2013

Othello and the Cold War

I have been enjoying "Granite Flats."    This is a 50s, 60s series dealing with the cold war, and the scare this put into people.  I have also come across the old Othello Outlook, 1962.  I started thinking, if the setting had been any different, "Granite Flats" could have been Othello, the town where I was born and lived until first grade.  Othello had a small Air Force radar base just south of town.  There were interactions with this base.  Sometimes it would be driving past the radar installations.  I remember most the geodesic domed facilities.  I don't know if the domes were on top of these buildings or not. 
borrowed pictures from the internet

We did take a first grade tour to the base, and I remember going into a building where young men were watching the radar screens.
The base also did out reach programs to the community.  In the Othello Outlook I read of Operation Skywatch, and a movie which was presented to the community.  Over 1000 people attended with standing room only at Lutacaga Elementary.  They presented a color movie of the activities of the radar station.  This is impressive for a community of 2000.  Operation Skywatch included local volunteers to basically watch the sky for intercontinental bombers.  
The other interesting thing about Othello is we were just 50 miles north of a large nuclear facility.  There were times when my dad would warn us not to eat the snow.  This had to do with the wind and the snow coming from the south.                            

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