Friday, May 31, 2013

Poem: Othello

This poem was written by a 10 year old student at Lutacaga Middle School.  It was published in 1962.  My sister Connie would have been a 10 and a student at Lutacaga at this time. 

Othello is so cheerful,
In every single way.
No matter how heartbroken,
It’s cheerful anyway.

Some buildings are old
But most of them are new,
Any spot you see
You would love as I do.

The puppies are so happy,
Running wild and free
Sticking their puppy noses,
Where they should never be.

Kitties are so fluffy,
Outnumbering dogs by three,
Hear them mew, mew, mewing,
Under the great Elm tree.

Come and live in Othello,
Come and join the fun.
We welcome you warmly.
Won’t you join us everyone? 

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