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My Wedding Day, August 11, 1983

Sheri and I were married a week after I had started a new job in Duckwater

This made for an interesting weekend.  We were married on Thursday.  We had an open house that evening in Hyrum.  When then took a day to travel and had a reception in Altamont on Saturday.  We traveled to Duckwater on Sunday, where we made our first home.

 We were married in the Provo Temple, in the morning.  My mother put on a wedding breakfast for us in Lindon at the home of a friend.  Sheri was beautiful  I love that woman.

Uncle Norval and Aunt Delsa
 The open house was in Hyrum Civic Center.  Dad came and his girlfriend caused a disturbance.  He gave us a casserole dish.  We had a hotel room for the night in Logan Connie and Kelly had gotten for us.  It was across for J.B.'s so we at there.  The next morning, Uncle Marvin woke us up very early pounding on the door.  He was always playing a joke.
I had the task of packing up my bedroom, and then we headed for Roosevelt, spending the night at Midway where they had a nice swimming pool from a hot spring.

She is still beautiful
 In Altamont/Bluebell receptions are different than Hyrum.  In Hyrum everyone just goes through the line and then sit and chats with those who are there.  In Altamont there was also a program.  I sang "Bridge over Troubled Water."  I attempted to play, but half way through I gave that up and just sang.
Cliff and Judy

Monte Bolton, second from right
Monte Bolton supervised my field placement in Roosevelt, and he more than anyone helped get Sheri and I together.  When I met Sheri, I went to him with questions about Sheri and her family.  He lived in Bluebell which is where Sheri is from.  Bluebell is a very small town.    Uncle Jerry and Aunt Judy manned the table as people came in.   As part of the program Sheri's brothers sand a version of Billy Boy.  They changed some of the words to make it funny, but as my mother sang that song to me as I was growing up that was OK.

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Judy manned the reception table as people entered
 I also sang a song I had heard Brother John Brenchely sing in the ward in Hyrum a Mothers Day tribute, "Visions."  Sheri's mom played for me.
I like this song and it had a theme Sheri and I both were in tune with.
I remember we served cream puffs.  I love cream puffs.
with my mom

Sheri's folks

Wedding Party

My family
Best Men are my brothers

Brides Maids
Sheri's family
 The reception also included a time for picture taking.  This was actually before the reception.  Sheri's brothers decorated our car.  They made a big mess, but we went strait to the car wash on the way out of town and washed all the shaving cream away.  We stayed in Roosevelt, and went to church in Roosevelt First Ward before heading to Duckwater.

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