Sunday, May 5, 2013

Some Othello Memories: In Pictures
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 Dad bought an old Quonset hut from the military.  The materials from this were used for the house.  Grandpa Wardle helped to get the material.
This is the completed house.
The first job was to clear the land.  That is Dad on the tractor.

I don't know when the family took this trip to Grand Coulee Dam but I have vague remembrances of it.  However, no kids are in these pictures so I don't know if we were there.
Elder David Yorgensen.  Dad was in the bishopric with his father.  They were family friends and we would often visit with them in their home.
 Picture before I was born

Pictures with me as the baby.

Pictures with Charlie as youngest
Football Trio, The Packers

My Trike

Swimming Time

Mom, Billy, Charlie; Christmas cards on the wall

Just after we Moved from Othello

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