Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weldon's Bad Habit and Was Mom a Racist

When Weldon was young and we lived in Othello, he had a bad habit of eating paper.  He would grab wrappers and throw them into his mouth.  I am not sure if he ever swallowed, but he enjoyed chewing on paper.  He was probably early elementary age, first, second or third. grade.  I would have been Kindergarten age at the most.  Often when we drove in the car, mom would catch him chewing on paper.  I remember on time, in her efforts of trying to get him to stop, she explained how there was know way of knowing who had touched the paper and handled the paper in the process of it getting to him.  She explained that perhaps the people who had handled it may not have been very clean.  Now this is the part I am not sure about.  It seems to me she also said the paper could have been handled by a black man, in her efforts to sway Weldon away from this habit.

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  1. Charlie Wardle: I do remember Weldon eating paper. It always seamed to be the corners of paper.