Saturday, August 31, 2013

Missionary Farewell

When I served my mission, you were still allowed to have a missionary farewell, and their was a sacrament meeting devoted to the farewell.  In those days, sacrament meeting was generally later.  Because there were two missionaries, myself and Russell Egbert, leaving at the same time, we shared the farewell.  The missionary farewell was also an opportunity for ward members to donate money to the missionary, which was used to get you in the mission field.
My mom prepared a large meal for the farewell.  I must admit, I do not remember what I said.  But these pictures attest to the influence of my mother and relationships.  There was lots of family from my father's side.
Dad and Roger Chase

Clyde and Geneve, and me bringing sherbet from the garage

Dad and Roger's wife?

Clyde Jr. Clyde Sr., Dad and Uncle Bill?

Uncle Norval and Bobby, Clyde Roger, Reed Olsen

Sara, Mom, Dianna, Aunt Audrey, Dad, Geneve

Yours truly
With friends Raeburn Ormond and Audrey Andersen
Krista, me and Raeborn Ormond

Dad, Krista, Sara and Elaine Sorensen (neighbor and 2nd cousin)

Mom and Aunt Audrey

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