Saturday, August 17, 2013

Papers I Kept From My Mission to Buenos Aires

This is a favorite children's song in Argentina.  I wrote the title, but don't know who printed it for me.
Rice pudding I want to get married
With a senorita from San Nicolas
That knows how to sew
That knows how to sleep
That knows how to open the door
to go and play.

Lucy Corsi gave me this before I came home as attested by signature, With lots of caring, to Elder Wardle, from me, Lucy 1978
This are the words to a special song we sang many times with the Apata Family.  It is "Auld Lang Syne" in English.  Isabel Apata wrote down the words.
Song of goodbye
Why lose the hope of seeing you again
Why loss the hope if there is so much love
chorus:  It is nothing more than a see you later
Nothing more than a brief goodbye.
Very soon around the fire
We will reunite.
With our hands entwined
around the fireplace
We form this night
A circle of love.
That the Lord protect you
and bless you
Secure in the knowledge
That another day we will reunite
Someone drew me a clown.  I think this was later in my mission.  The clown Pimpin pinched his nose and with a sneeze made a strong achoo, made a strong achoo.
This was left to me by another Elder as he was going home, about a month into Argentina.  He was Elder Woodhouse's companion.  He was good with cartooning.  I think I have turned out more handsome than he supposed, and it has been 35 years.  I still have my hair (knock on wood).

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