Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Kid's Card for My Birthday

Happy 56th Birthday Dad!
Here are 56 reasons we love having you as our dad!
1. Whistling
2. Singing in sacrament meeting
3. Stamp collecting
4. Your Heart Will Burn
5. Lemon Icies
6. Driving to seminary
7. Rides to the deep end of the pool
8. Blogging
9. Foster care
10. Rolling down the hill at John Mise Park
11. Scouts
12. "Don't break your toe"
13. Hop on Pop
14. Teaching Sunday School
15. Baseball umpire, Moreland Little League
16. Dollar Store Trips
17. Tator tots, Dad's breakfast cooking
18. Head locks and noogies
19. Indian chant and babies sleeping on your chest
20. Soccer and baseball coaching
21. Family history and trips to historical sites
22. Priesthood blessings
23. "Dame la mano"
24. Christmas talent show
25. Laying under the stars
26. Driving at night, family vacations
27. Dad acting like Santa Claus
28. Dry shaves
29. Our crafts in your office at work
30. Temple pageant
31. Letters-your handwriting
32. Newspaper swords
33. Sitting in the front at movie theaters
34. No bears are out tonight
35. Donkey at Christmas
36. Learning to ride a bike
37. Books-reading-presents
38. Snuggling in the crook of your arm
39. Church choir
40. Wood projects-barbie house, Noah's ark, desks
41. Laying on the floor-falling asleep anywhere
42. Hiking
43. "Mental health crisis line" hard working
44. Musicals
45. Driving on your lap in the parking lot
46. Dressing as pumpkin patch-Halloween
47. Chewing on grass
48. Belting out songs
49. Jane Austen obsession
50. Throwing us in the air at the pool
51. Temple trips
52. Drumming on your belly
53. Outdoor sports
54. Dates with Daddy
55. Take your kid to work days
56. "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
Lots of Love
Charity, Miranda, Jeremy, Caleb, Tony

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